Photo is a mode of preserving memories forever. You also want your memories to be captured in a perfect way. But “has human always got what he wanted?”  Similarly, we at times, in haste or ignorance, give this responsibility to the inappropriate photographer, which results in imperfect shots.

These are 10 common mistakes that a customer does while booking a photographer:

  1. Online Searching Photographers: People often select photographers based on online ratings and comments. Truth is that these ratings can be easily faked. So it is advisable to seek some offline referral. Ask your acquaintances if they know some good photographers with enough experience.
  • Focussing on fee only: Good photographers generally ask for high prices. They also want to be paid according to their good work. Don’t compromise with good photos fur a few thousands.
  • Checking incomplete portfolio: Don’t judge a book by its cover”: A common mistake that most of the customers do. Customers usually judge photographers by checking out only initial photos of the portfolio. These photos may be good by luck. You should check complete portfolio to as to wisely decide whether the photographer is appropriate for you or not.
  • Incomplete interview: you may miss out very important information due to incomplete interview. Ask a photographer well about his qualifications, previous works and achievements. Ask him about the package of photoshoot, number of photos and seek his advice too regarding photoshoot.
  • Quality compromised with quantity: Never ask a photographer to increase number of photos in the package compromising with other features of the package. A few good shots and album is preferred over a pile of similar photos.
  • Being specific about shots: Customer generally pre-specifies all the shots which he wants to take or which he does not want. This limits photographers hand and his creativity to a remarkable extent. You should let photographers use his creativity to bring out best photos ever.
  • High price means good photographers: Customers misinterpret that if a photographer is expensive, then he will surely give best pictures. They mistakenly neglect cheap prices and thus maybe good services too.
  • Wanting every raw shot: Many times customer ask photographer to share every raw photo of their baby. This is a big mistake.

“Asking photographer for raw files is like asking an author for unpublished book.”

  • Terms and conditions: Customers by mistake or maybe negligence sign the Terms and Conditions paper without even reading, which include many important information like copyrights.
  1. Friend as photographer: people believe that their friend with DSLR may act like a photographer. This is a big mistake which is realised when you compare your baby’s pics to other pictures online.

So, ignore these mistakes while booking a photographer and enjoy a tension free photoshoot..