Babies have the most random and unpredictable behaviour of all human beings. One moment they are giggling while the other second they may be crying. This behaviour is a major hindrance in baby’s photoshoot. It is very necessary to keep your baby happy during photoshoot.

“It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living.”- Debashish Mridha

When smile of a baby can make life worth living, then photographs are bound to be the best with their heart swaying smile.

So here are 5 tips to keep your baby happy during the photoshoot:

  1. Your face is the key to laughter: Babies laugh their heart out when they see you making weird expressions. Broaden your eyes, twist your face, shake your head or even pop your tongue out repeatedly to amuse them. Not only face, use your whole body to seek their attention. Jump, dance, twist and turn. In short, just be weird and your baby will be entertained during whole photoshoot.
  • Sneak out a playtime: While you are planning for next setup for shoot, the baby may get bored. Give them their favourite soft toy to play. Not only they will engage themselves so as to keep their good mood cheered up, but also they might give you some best candid shots.
  • Feed well: Empty tummy is the major reason that make babies cry. Always feed them well before heading to photoshoot. Also carry some fruits and milk with you to feed them anytime whenever the baby feels hungry.
  • Comfort first: During photoshoot, babies are put into different positions which includes bending hands and legs. This puts a stress on baby’s limbs and they start weeping due to discomfort. So, never pressurize postures on baby. Click photographs whenever they feel naturally happy. Babies are also made to sit or lie on wooden furniture. They are also made to lie on papers, synthetic fabrics, between a pile of toys which may be a little uncomfortable for them. So make sure that baby’s comfort is never compromised for a photo. Keep them happy to get a beautiful smile.

First baby’s smile is noticed, then comes the background.”

  • Say no to lights: Babies are sensitive to light. Lights give them a chill of irritation. Make sure your baby is not exposed to bright lights or flashes. Although photographers nowadays themselves use natural lights, but still its your duty to double check everything.

So take good care of baby during the photoshoot sessions. Follow the tips given above to keep your baby happy during photoshoot and get the best photos ever of your happy baby.