Babies are the most delicate of all. They mean the world to their parents. Parents want to shower all the love, protection, affection and care they can offer. They always want their baby to be safe. At times they even become overprotective towards their child. This is a major factor that holds them back while making a decision for opting for photoshoot. One side of them wants a photoshoot while their other side prohibits them because of being too cautious for the baby.

“Ten little finger, ten perfect toes, fill all our hearts with love, that overflows…”

Babies are dear to everyone. No will ever want to hurt them in any way. Photoshoot isn’t bad for babies at all. Parents have a lot of things going in mind before heading towards baby photoshoot.

5 common myths a parent holds while opting for baby photoshoot are:

  1. I’m very traditional: In a country like India, photoshoot was something not very traditional. People had developed such a mind-set that if they post pictures after their baby’s photoshoot, the society may ignore them for being too modern. But that’s not true. Society is modernizing day after day. Baby photoshoots are very common nowadays. Almost every parent in Delhi NCR is opting for such photoshoots without having any second thought. So hurry up and book the best photographers in Delhi NCR from
  • Photographers will flash my baby’s eyes: Most of the parents are afraid that photographers will use bright flashes that may harm baby’s eyes. But this is a myth that photographers use flashes for babies. Truth is that they use natural lights and filters for photoshoot of a baby.
  • The venue isn’t hygienic: Parents assume that the venue might not be hygienic. They think that photographers may place their baby on some unhygienic mat or dirty ground. But that too is a myth. Photographers take utmost care of the baby’s hygiene. They keep any sort of dust and dirt away from baby.
  • No one can handle my baby: “I love my baby more than anyone else.”  Yeah, that’s true but the photographers are experienced people. They are a pro at their job. They know how to handle babies; after all they have handled more babies than you while doing photography.
  • Sterilization factors: When babies are born, everyone touches them after using sanitizer on their hands. Thus, parents are scared that while photoshoot, baby may lick props given by them. Truth associated with that myth is that the photographers use sterilised tools while photoshoot of a baby. So, there nothing to be worried of.

Hence, brush away any kind of myths while going for baby photoshoot. Talk well with the photographer in advance and clear all your doubts. Enjoy your photoshoot with baby!