Birth of a baby is the best moment in a parent’s life. They want to capture the moment when their beloved baby entered this mighty world. So, to save this moment for life, photography is undoubtedly the best choice. Using wise props is the key to get the best photo.

 Following ideas with props can be used to get a creative baby shoot at home-



Headbands: Furry headbands or the headbands in rabbit ears shape made of fabric looks super cute on babies. Imagine how cute your baby will look after wearing this trendy as well as comfy stuff!!


Fruits: Try some seasonal fruit as a prop for photography. Fruit will give your picture a wise look to signify the birth month of the baby. Apples and peaches are going to add the best tint to the picture…


Garland: Irises and lilies swirling around your baby’s neck will add a divine touch to the baby’s natural beauty and innocence. There you got the best photo of your darling!!


Soft Toys: Sing your baby to sleep and keep a toy between his arms. Whoa…The coziest shot of your new-born is here. Bunny or teddy is the cutest soft toy and the most obvious props for the baby photograph.


Pillows: Pillows are also one of the best props for photography of a new-born. New-born babies look very adorable while sleeping on a pillow larger than their size. Beanbags are also a good option. The bay sleeping steep into the beanbag would be a ball of love.


Baskets: Your baby is a God’s gift for you. So, why not present him/her as the one… Use baskets or crates filled with paper strips and place your baby over it. That would look like the most divine God’s gift ever!!


Baby products: This is also a must-try prop for a creative baby shoot. Baby lying on a colourful mat which is further encircled by various baby products like powder, massage oil, moisturizer, napkins, and non-toxic tethers in mouth… this will give another perfect shot.