Baby photography is booming nowadays. It is the trendiest photoshoot even leaving behind pre wedding shoot. Parents are investing a lot in capturing their baby’s first steps and initial phase of life so they can cherish and re-live those priceless moments later on in life. Hundreds of ideas could be presented when it comes to baby photography. But here are some hand-picked ideas that are surely going to give the best shot:

  • Tiny toddler: Baby taking its first step to explore the world out there is a very emotional moment for parents. To capture this photo beautifully, arrange a setup of heavy objects like chair or tables from which he can take support to stand on his own. Make a video recording shooting his struggle and click every different emotion he goes through. The most precious photograph of your baby is here
  • Foodie baby: Babies wreck almost every food stuff that is placed in front of them but recall how innocent and adorable their face looks when food sticks on it. Cake smashes is the best option followed by candies, fruits and pudding.
  • Mirror-mirror on the wall: Babies give weird but cute expressions when they see someone on the other side imitating them. Dress them up like angel and click their giggles and frightened faces.
  • Growing up to one: Baby photography is incomplete without this. Celebrate and capture photos of baby every month to see how rapidly he grows until he finally gets a year old. Try similar getup and location in every photo session and make a separate album.
  • Family forever: Baby with mom and dad staring at him with love, hugging him together, nose to nose touch with baby are the best ever moments to be photographed. Photos with siblings and pets in similar poses are also in trend.
  • Celebration time: First festival of baby is very special. Dress him up according to the festive aura and click happy moments together.
  • Play with backgrounds: Use fabric to make an outlet like beach, swing under a tree, master chef setup, a cave or tunnel, cherry blossoms or bob the builder. Dress your baby nicely and fit him there. This is also an in-trend baby photography idea.

Photography is fine but safety is first.

  • Do not use objects with sharp edges or thorns.
  • Babies have a habit of swallowing anything which comes in front of them. So make use you put non-toxic props around them.
  • If baby is to be placed on some height for photoshoot, then make sure the ground is well padded with pillows.
  • Don’t fold or bend baby’s limbs for merely a picture. His organs are very delicate.

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